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    Soft Tip Dartboards

    Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard $ 99.99

    The Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard features a durably constructed PVC body with a 15.5-inch regulation size target. This dartboard offers 31 games with 178 optional variations, with 5 cricket games. The 5 multi-color backlit displays are accurate easy...

    Arachnid Cricket Pro 670 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard $ 159.99

    The Arachnid Cricket Pro 670 Talking Electronic Dart Boards features an LED Display of Player Game Scores and Cricket Displays, 4 Player Score Display with X/O Score Display for Easy Score Keeping, and Regulation 15.5" Target Area. All these features...

    Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard $ 219.99

    The Cricket Pro 750 Electronic Dart Board has 7 different Cricket games and scoring for 4 players shown simultaneously. It has a unique voice record feature that allows it to call out your recorded name when it is your turn...

    Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard $ 249.99

    The Cricket Pro 800 is the top of the line electronic dart game. The features and benefits of this model are extensive. Four player simultaneous player score, 7 cricket games, micro thin segment dividers, solo play feature, player handicap feature...

    Arachnid Inter-Active 6000 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard $ 219.99

    The Electronic Arachnid Dartboard Interactive 6000 Heckler Feature comes equipped with 27 Games, 123 Options and an 8 player digital score display. Play popular dart games like Cricket, 01’ Games and many more. This Electronic dart board with Interactive Heckler...